Plush Sofa Covers - Universal Fitting

Plush Sofa Covers - Universal Fitting

Plush Sofa Covers - Universal Fitting

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-Linda, UK 

Wrap up your sofa this winter with a WARM fuzzy sofa cover, and cozy up on the couch with your favorite holiday movie and cup of hot chocolate!

Unlike normal sofa covers, these are made of high quality plush material. It's what every couch needs in the winter!

  • No more cold winter sofas!
  • Added sofa protection!
  • Quickly cover any existing sofa damage in just minutes!
  • Four different hassle free sizes available to fit almost any sofa style out there!
    • Works with: Normal sofas, love seats, L-shaped (corner sofas), sectional sofas, chesterfields, etc.
    • Not ideal for (but still works with): leather (slides), recliners (you will lose reclining function), sofas with a super deep sitting area. 



  1. MEASURE YOUR SOFA at widest point including armrests!
  2. Refer to sizing chart below
  3. Decide on size and order! 
    • 1 seater (90 - 140 cm) = (35 - 55 inches)
    • 2 seater (145 - 185 cm) = (57 - 72 inches)
    • 3 seater (195 - 230 cm) = (76 - 90 inches)
    • 4 seater (235 - 300 cm) = (92 - 118 inches) 

If your sofa has (for example) two seat cushions, it does not mean it is a two seater. It could be a three seater. Ensure you measure your sofa please! 


For L-shape and Sectional sofas (corner sofas):

  • Measure each section of sofa separate referring to chart below
  • Order one cover per section of your sofa 




  • Polyester and stretchy spandex fabric
  • Not easy to wrinkle
  • Elastic band and strap for locking down the cover under the sofa


    • This sofa cover only works with sofas that have a deep gap between the seat, backrest and armrest.
    • Push down the small foam rolls into the gaps as far as you can. This will hold the cover in place. 


    • Machine wash cold
    • Do not bleach
    • Tumble dry low
    • Do not iron


    • The side with the tag is the back. There are foam pieces provided that you can use to help tuck the cover into the gaps of the couch. In order to make sure our cover will fit your sofa better, please check to ensure that there are spaces (gaps) between the seat cushion and backrest, and two arms to insert the foam strip in. This will allow the cover to fit properly.

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