Rotate The Food Slicer

Rotate The Food Slicer

Rotate The Food Slicer

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Do you ever wish working in the kitchen wasn't as stressful and laboring at times?

We feel your pain. That's why this new easy to use 2019 Rotate the Food Slicer is the perfect solution for you! It conveniently combines multiple kitchen tools into ONE!  

How it works:

  • Grate your vegetables or fruit directly into the strainer basket with the hand guard
  • Wash in strainer
  • Hold over the sink and Rotate up so water drains out


Added benefits:

  • Removable cutter cover for easy access to the strainer
  • Grating cover can be used without the strainer basket
  • Comfortable non-slip handle, perfect for one handed use
  • Interchangeable grating heads for different applications

Interchangeable heads: (Included)

  • 1.5MM thin cutter: For making fruit skin etc.
  • 2MM cutting knife head: Make homemade coleslaw etc.
  • 2.5MM thick knife head: Easy to slice, save time and labor a good helper.
  • 3MM medium sized cutter: Perfect for frying food.
  • 4MM thick knife cutter: Good for stir-frying or steaming.
  • Grated knife head: Grate ginger without chopping.
  • Slicing knife: Make delicious potato chips at home with ease. 


Made of high-quality PP material

22 x 22 x 11 cm

8.6in x 8.6in x 4.3in




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